George Mason EEG Depression Diagnosis Study
What's the point of this study? To develop an algorithm that can cheaply and efficiently diagnose different forms of depression.

What do I have to do? Put on a non-intrusive EEG cap and perform a simple motor task with your right hand (i.e, going through a maze).

How will I be compensated? After the roughly thirty minute session, subjects will be rewarded with a $20 Amazon gift card!

Do I Qualify? Are you right-handed, 18-55 years old, and diagnosed with minor depressive disorder, moderate depressive disorder, or bipolar disorder?

All of this information is confidential and will be electronically stored and password-protected. Filling out this form is simply an indicator of interest and is not a substitute for an informed consent form. Participation in our study is subject to IRB approval. User data will be deidentified to protect participants' information. By pressing continue you agree to these terms.

What is your name?

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I am diagnosed with:

This information is optional at the time of this survey but will be required before participating in our study.

Thank you for filling out this form! We will contact you with more details in the near future. Expect to hear from a George Mason University lab member! Please specify any additional concerns below.

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